"Jackie Mahi Erickson photographed at 'Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii." © Wayne Levin


Ancestry: Native Hawaiian, Chinese, and Caucasian

Personal philosophy: "Do good, Be involved, Enjoy Life!"

Strong belief in: "Giving Back to the Community"

First: amongst all siblings, cousins to graduate from college; first woman and first Hawaiian VP at Hawaiian Electric, one of Hawaii's largest corporations; first Hawaiian woman General Counsel of nationwide Fortune 1000 companies

Education: Strong emphasis by parents and grandmother. Raised at Kamehameha School for Girls; boarding school 7-12. Jackie and her parents took multiple jobs so she could go to a mainland college. Jackie later earned her law degree at University of Hawaii Law School in support of small native Hawaiian organization's desire to have model-mentors for other native Hawaiians, and in furtherance of Hawaiians' goal of "self-determination".

Career Path: Award winning Interior designer, design and English teacher, national and local political lobbyist, author, lawyer recognized and honored at national and state levels.